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I Think I Could WRitE a dEcenT bLoG

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Hi, welcome to my space of thoughts, photos, sketches, etc. !

I think this space is appropriate for my illustrations that I cannot categorize.

Before that I want to share my past paintings but beginning 2019 when I quit my full-time job.

Dried green chillies

Plants in nursery

It started with painting household items and then progressed on to sketching on-location when I joined the Urban Sketchers Delhi group. Steering away from big group meet-ups though, I joined a few other artists in exploring cities Delhi and Gurugram.

Recent paintings are a dip into the world of gouache (poster colours/opaque watercolours).

I also worked in digital medium

I have learnt that I can not force myself to have a set style/aesthetic. So, it might take me 20 years for all I know, for my brain and hand to work in a certain direction. It's still me, so I don't take as much pressure anymore and keep experimenting.

Since you are here, you can check out my personal works portfolio as well.

Thanks for reading !

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